New Lelo Hex Condoms

Hi everyone!

Lelo – the company behind many of my fancy sex toys – has recently launched a line of condoms via KickStarter called the Lelo Hex – I’ve recently received a decent-sized batch of these and am hoping to test them out and see how they perform!

The condoms are made of Latex, like normal condoms but have a fine hexagonal lattice inside which is supposed to improve the sensation of sex as well as the strength of the condom.

I will be providing these condoms completely free alongside all of my usual Mates condoms so if you feel like giving them a spin, let me know and we can use the new Hex ones instead – otherwise I’ll assume you’d prefer to stick to the regular ones that I use.

Take care and I look forward to seeing you soon!


New Home!

As anyone who got in touch with me during February will know, I recently moved home and was therefore unavailable for bookings for several days.

I am now pretty much settled in my new place and just wanted to let you all know how my move will effect where I offer incalls and where I will travel to for outcalls.

Most importantly, I am still offering incalls every day from my dedicated apartment in Eastleigh, and, as has been the case for a few years now, I still do not offer incalls from my home.

For outcalls, my travel distances have changed a little now as I have moved a few miles from my old home in Totton, but also I will now travel up to 30 miles for all booking lengths except for half hour bookings (I will travel up to 20 miles for these) – so if I was previously unable to visit you for a booking of less than 2 hours this may have changed (though I may also now be too far from you to meet at all – when you get in touch to make a booking I will check the exact distance for you).

check out the Rates page on my website for more details and some maps that will give you a rough idea of how far you’ll need to travel to visit me in Eastleigh and how far away you are from me for an outcall.

Get in touch if you wish to make a booking and I look forward to meeting you soon 😉

Permanent Incall Apartment – At Last!!

Regular clients and visitors to my website and profile will know that my biggest bugbear over the past couple of years has been that I have been unable to offer incalls on a regular basis, generally offering only outcalls to your home or hotel, and then offering incalls from a serviced apartment in Southampton for 2-3 days every month or two. This process has worked O.K, but is less than ideal.

HOWEVER! That’s all about to change as I’m proud to present an all-new Permanent Incall Apartment!

This is my own apartment, based near Eastleigh and just a few minutes drive from both the M3 and M27 as well as Southampton City Centre. As it’s my own apartment I am consequently able to offer both Incalls AND Outcalls at any time – 7 days a week, 8am to 11pm every day!

Please do note however that I do not live at the apartment and must still travel there for a booking, therefore I will still require a bit of notice for short-notice incalls (approx 1 hour plus 20 mins or so travel time), the same as outcalls.

So if you’ve been itching to meet me but my incalls dates haven’t worked for you before, there’s no better time to make a booking!

And of course I still offer outcalls every day so I’m still able to come to your home or hotel within 20 miles of my home in Totton

Naked Selfie Project!

I recently happened upon a website called I Shot Myself and I was immediately intrigued by their ethos.

Project_ISM is a public forum for self expression through nude portraiture. By removing the photographer and studio from the process, contributors are able to create their own experience and explore the medium in their own time and space. This freedom results in images that are much more intimate, expressive, and candid than any photographer could create at arm’s length. Not every portrait is genius but each image is unique and personal, revealing far more than the body of a woman; it is the diversity of imagination that makes each image truly original.

I was inspired, and grabbed the camera to shoot a whole series of photos myself, no photographer, just me holding the camera and finding interesting ways to pose, places to shoot, and having a lot of fun in the process!

The reason why I’m telling you all this? Well, my portfolio has gone live today and will be featured at the top of their homepage for 24 hours! During this time, there are a few free preview shots accessible to non-members, but after that you will have to join the site to see my folio.


You can click the picture above to visit my artist page directly, or if you click the banner below you will receive 10% off the membership fee for the entire site (which currently includes 5,447 Artists, 7,988 Folios, 346,895 Images and 592 Videos!) Or use the promo code 21509455 during the billing process to receive the 10% discount.

free daily image courtesy of

Final Day of Incalls!

Today (Saturday 5th July) is my last day of incalls this time around!

I had a wonderful day yesterday meeting a mix of new and ‘old’ clients – and I’m looking forward to another fun day today as well 😉

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you wish to meet me for an incall – I’m offering bookings between 8am and 11pm today!

I’ll be back to outcalls only from Monday 7th July for at least another month – so you’ll have to be quick if you want to come to my discreet apartment in central Southampton!

See you all soon,

Amy xx

Turning 30 soon!

I can’t quite believe it but at the start of August I will be turning 30, just a couple of months to go!

I’m planning a trip away to celebrate which I’m very excited about, so I won’t be escorting for a couple of days around that time – but if you wish to help me celebrate, just check out my Sales page! There you will find a multitude of ways you can make this soon-to-be birthday girl very happy!

As an added bonus, anyone who buys me a little something for my big day will receive a photo set or video of me wearing or using the item as a thank you 😉

Contact Form – Please Double Check Your Email Addresses!

Just a quick reminder for people who use the contact form on my “Contact and Availability” page:

Please, Please, PLEASE Double or triple-check that the email address you enter into the “Your Email” box is 100% accurate and is your email address!
Someone just messaged me via the form and, when I tried to reply, the email bounced back saying that the email address entered (what you type into that box) does not exist. Please note that if this happens there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that I can reply to you!!

Worse, imagine if the email address that you typed in WAS a real email address, but NOT YOURS! Or even if they knew you personally!

So PLEASE, make sure you’ve entered the correct email address in the box BEFORE hitting send!

Thanks 🙂 xx



I recently joined Pornostagram, the nsfw version of Instagram. It’s a fun site with lots of naughty selfies everywhere. Today I discovered that they had marked my account as verified (with a gold tick badge), which means that they consider me someone who is highly sought after! 😎

As well as Pornostagram, I can be found on these sites too:

You can follow me on any of these sites for updates about new content, though if you wish to make a booking you should check my contact page here to get in touch rather than through any of those sites!

Contact Magazines

I recently submitted ads to a few local contact magazines, so if you are visiting my site for the first time from one of those – welcome! Take a look around my website to get an idea for what I have to offer, if you like what you see I’d love to hear from you 😉

Do let me know which magazine you saw me in as well, since some of the publishers make several different magazines and may have published my ad in any one of them!

I know for certain that I am in RAW Adult Contacts, the one with this cover, as several people have contacted me after seeing me there 🙂

I also previously appeared in Call Me… Southern UK, but only as a couple. But if you’ve come across an old copy of that with this cover, you can still book to see me on my own 🙂

Hopefully I’ll have ads in a few more magazines soon, they all have different publishing schedules so there’s no way to know when, but if you see me in one do let me know so I can pick up a copy for myself.

Escort of the Day on Adultwork!

escort of the day

Today, Saturday 1st March, I am featured on the homepage of Adultwork as their Escort of the Day!

I’ll be spending most of the day, from 8am-midnight, in DirectCam – click the link on the side bar to come and say hi!

Also there will be BRAND NEW content going up EVERY HOUR, to my Private Gallery and Movie Library, so be sure to keep an eye on them for my latest movies and photos!

Finally, I won’t be taking bookings today but I am available 8am-11pm from tomorrow, Sunday 2nd March. Also, my next incall dates are just next week, Thursday 6th-Saturday 8th March.

Get in touch soon if you’d like to meet!