Date: August 13th 2015
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The Lady
Amy is a very, very attractive lady, The photographs on her website (and elsewhere) are accurate, and sexy, but don’t quite convey quite how pretty and warm she is in person.
Amy was dressed simply, in a halter top, blue jeans and sneakers (there are photos of this outfit on her website). Discrete, but very sexy.
She has amazing hair that reaches down to her bottom, a lovely smile, and a really attractive body with cute freckles – she clearly works out.
The Story
This was my first time doing this. I made initial contact with Amy through the form on her website three days before. Amy got back straight away; we exchanged several emails over the next couple of days, and booked for an hour at 9pm at the hotel I was staying in. Reading the emails back now, the process was very thorough and businesslike, but rather arousing in itself. On the night, leading up to 9pm, I was increasingly nervous – I think I had three showers. A final email exchange at about 7 to confirm room numbers, then she phoned on the hotel phone an hour before as a final check.
And then she arrived, with a discrete knock on the door, right on time. I guess I’d like to keep much of what then happened private, but I will say that I was relaxed almost straight away, that she’s a great kisser, funny, confident (in a quiet way) and very sexy and very skillful. The hour flew by, and then, with a last kiss and a hug, she was gone. I had a great time. I hope Amy did, too.

Date: July 04, 2014
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The Premises
Excellent apartment in a nice area, easy to find. Spotlessly clean. Good facilities for a wash or shower. Didn’t arrive by car but there is a big car park next to the apartment block. Despite being so close to the city centre there were very few pedestrians around, so you’re able to make a discreet entry.
The Lady
Amy’s photos are, of course, excellent as she is so attractive. In real life she is even better – slim, very attractive with beautiful hair and a super figure. All the details and information on her website are completely honest and clear, so a prospective client will have absolutely no doubt that she is a totally genuine and thoroughly professional girl.
The Story
A few preliminary emails gave me all the details I needed to find the apartment, and also sorted out what I had in mind. As a (very) nervous first timer I really had no idea what to expect but Amy was completely relaxed about everything. I’m not going into graphic details except to say that my interest is in foreplay, toys and tongues – all her services are detailed on the website, so do as I did and choose your preferences! Suffice to say that my interests were catered for 100% in a super relaxed and caring way.
No clock-watching – it was I who noticed the time had run out all too quickly. Sadly I should have booked a whole hour and I might have completely beaten my newbies nerves, but I had a brilliant time doing exactly what I had in mind. I don’t think I am going to forget her beautiful smooth body and slightly naughty smile.
Highly recommended, and would love to return when I next get the chance.

Date: April 03, 2014
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Amy arrived dressed very discreetly, then slipped her clothes off in my room, wow, she just looked so fantastic!

She was very naughty, kneeling before me, taking my jeans down, and sucking my cock deep into her throat.

She then gave me a lovely kiss, and cuddle, absolutely fantastic, before letting me go down on her, and lick her beautiful, sweet, little pussy.

This was a special treat for me, I don’t particularly like girls who shave, but on this occasion Amy had let her lovely red hair grow a little bit down there, so eating her out was just heaven for me, and she certainly seemed to enjoy it. Actually came very quickly!

Finished with very nice sex (Protected, of course), lovely tight little pussy, made me come like a rocket!!! Loved the way her tight, little pussy gripped my cock!

Well worth my 160 mile drive to come and visit her! Absolutely a classy girl to visit, simply the best!