I have a well-stocked shop at Adultwork, I sell a variety of items such as used panties and DVDs of all my naughty movies! I also have a couple of more specialised items like bottles of my pee and a sample of my hair. Below is just a small selection of the items you can buy from me on Adultwork!

A used buttplug

My Used Panties

Personalised Masturbation Video

My Used Sex Toy

Lots more at my shop!

If you prefer items that are delivered straight to your computer, check out the over 7,000 pictures in my Private Gallery, the 600+ videos in my Movie Library, my many great value Rental Movies or even my Erotica collection – these are all on Adultwork, like my shop, but you get to enjoy your purchased items immediately!

NEW I have recently signed up to Clips4Sale and Images4Sale which means there are now even more places to access my content! Check out my Images4Sale store here now (Clips4Sale coming soon!)



If you’d like to send me a little something (to maybe use in a booking together, or for my birthday in August!), I have wishlists on various sites which will send anything you choose to buy me straight to my door! Anyone who buys a sexy item or two from one of these sites will receive a free photo set or video of me wearing or making use of the items! - My Wishlists Adultwork (you will be required to register with the site and buy credits, 1 credit=£1). Adultwork will also allow you to pick any item from their sex shop to send to me, so if you find something that I haven’t added to my wishlist but you’d like to see me wear/use then just click ‘Gift It!’ and enter my Adultwork nickname ‘AuburnDelight’ and they’ll send it to me.

amazon lovehoney I also have wishlists on Amazon and Lovehoney, click the logos to see what sexy items I’d love to receive!

Vouchers and Cash

If you’d prefer to send me money rather than physical items, it is possible to do that too!

Amazon allows you to send gift vouchers by email, at their Gift Card page. You can email me the voucher or the code they send in the voucher to and then I’ll receive the money and can buy anything I’d like from Amazon.

Love Honey is another place I love to buy myself some treats from now and then, and you can get me a gift voucher from them if you’d like, just visit their Gift Voucher page and enter my email address and then I can use the voucher to get a sexy treat or two!

Gift Clicking this button will allow you to pop me a small tribute ($10) to my Clips4Sale account (let me know if you wish to send a different amount and I will send you a custom link to visit)

Finally, if you’d like to send me cash, I have a top-up card that you can send me a voucher for. Just buy a 360money e-voucher from any PayPoint and let me know the code they give you and I’ll be able to top up my card and spend the money anywhere that accepts credit cards! (more information here)